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XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control Q & A

7 Keys to a Biosafe Environment from Virus and Bacteria

  1. Select a company that has a system that has been scientifically validated, peer reviewed, published with technology installed at customer locations.
  2. Select a company that can test your environment for virus and bacteria issues.
  3. Select a company that can monitor your environment with the technology.
  4. Select a company that will custom engineer a system for your unique environment, not just sell you boxes.
  • 5. Select a company that is able to test your bacteria and virus load and tune your application system.
  • 6. Select a company that can lease their equipment with a 5-year guarantee rather than have a large initial capital expenditure.
  • 7. Select a company with a nationwide representative network for equipment and testing.
  • Q: Who is Xstream Infection Control?
    A: •December 31, 2011 –Incorporation of XSTREAMInfection Control, LLC a Florida corporation
    •Antimicrobial Laboratory Testing in Austin, Texas under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Tanner continued from 2013 through 2014
    •Partnered with the Knowles Charitable Foundation to continue specialized validation through renowned research centers for the benefit of Cooper University Medical Center.
    •Prototype and Testing activities carried out from May 2014 through May 2017 at the University of Arizona –Mel and Enid Zuckerman College under the direction of Dr. Kelly Reynolds, PhD
    •Established the Advanced Manufacturing System of the units with AQS Corporation, Inc, in Fremont California, and Initiated delivery and installation of the system at:
      -4 Major Hospitals as of October 1, 2017-1 Walk-In Clinic
      -3 Long-Term Care facilities-2 Private Residences
      -1 Hospital Operating Room
    •Three Patents Pending

    Q: What are the bacteria and virus reduction rates of the Xstream 2000 within 6 hours?
    A: -97.6% reduction of bacteria and virus in the air
        -99.9% reduction of bacteria, virus and b. thuringiensis (a C-diff surrogate) on surfaces
        -99.8% reduction of bacteria, virus and b. thuringiensis (a C-diff surrogate) on fabrics
    •XSTREAM Infection Control previous generations of equipment components proved successful in tested applications in hospitals, long-term care, child care, and school facilities, and other environments (*)
    (*) Published papers are available

    Q: How much does the X 2000 cost?
    A: The cost for 8,000 square feet is approximately $7/day under a 5 year lease agreement.

    Q: Is there a discount for volume leases?
    A: The potential for a lower price does exist for a volume purchase.

    Q: What is cluster ion technology and how does it work?
    A:The clusters are created by tidal air movement through it's reactor core. The ions then neutralize the energy source of the disease-producing microbes and destroy them on contact.

    Q: How much power does it take to run the X2000?
    A: The X 2000 uses about as much power as a 100 watt light bulb.

    Q: What is the life expectancy of the X2000?
    A: The X2000 has a 10 year warranty and is expected to run for 10 years or more.

    Q: Does the X20000 require any maintenance?
    A: The X2000 requires that the Reactor Core be refurbished every 3 years at a cost of $750.00.

    Q: What is my cost per day to use the X2000?
    A: Depending in the way the X2000 is financed, the cost per day is typically between $4.00 and $8.00.

    Q What are the advantages of using the Xstream 2000?
    •XSTREAM 2000 destroys bacteria and virus throughout any environment (on all surfaces, air, and fabrics) 24/7
    •No disruption of regular care or key facilities including in healthcare environments
    •No toxic cleaning solutions are required which are creating COPD in 32% of healthcare workers (see study)
    •No Ozone is produced -No H2O2 gas, UVX light, paint, or VOC’s are used -No copper coating of surfaces
    •No changes required to the current cleaning protocols
    •ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT: Very labor intensive and expensive ( up to $200,000/year) with no long-term protection. Effectiveness diminishes with distance from source and is only within line of sight
    •SANITIZERS and OXIDIZERS: Only clean reachable surfaces. Their effectiveness is temporary until new bacteria populates
    •H2O2 GAS: Requires a sealed environment and is extremely costly (up to $150,000/year). The process is also time consuming and only provides a temporary bacteria free environment.

    Proactive Technology - More Potent and Faster Microbial Control Without Potentially Harmful Oxidizers

    Stabilization - With Continuous Operation XSTREAM 2000 Destroys Existing Viruses & Pathogens and VOC's in Your Operating Rooms, ICU's, Emergency Rooms and Critical Care Areas and on clothing as well. And Then Continues To Protect those Areas Against the Introduction of New Pathogens & Viruses Including dormant C-diff.

    Prevention - Combats the Introduction of Pathogens & Viruses into Your Patient Areas Which Eliminates Cross-Contamination

    Proven Technology:

    The effectiveness of the free-standing XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control system is based on particle physics with a continuous generation of cluster ions with positive and negative charges. The clusters are created by Tidal Air movement through a reactor core. The ions then neutralize the energy source of the disease-producing microbes and destroy them on contact throughout any environment.

    The XSTREAM 2000 cluster ions solution is a technological quantum leap 20 to 50 times more effective –over previous generation of ion technology

    Q: What is delivery timing?
    A: X2000 units are made to order with anticipated lead time bring 60-90 days.

    Q: Where are the X2000 units produced?
    A: The X2000 is Made in America with components Made in America.

    Q: What are my freight costs for the X2000
    A: The X2000 is Lease and Freight cost included.

    Q: Will my insurance rates go down?
    A: When your HAI rates decline, check with your insurance carrier about lower insurance rates.

    Q: Where should I place the X2000 for maximum performance?
    A: The X2000 can be mounted on the wall or placed on any table or surface in an 8000 square foot space.

    Q: Does the X2000 pose any risk?
    A: There is no health risk associated with exposure to the Cluster Ions produced by the X2000

    Q: Where has the Xstream been implemented?

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