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About XSTREAM 2000®

XSTREAM 2000® Technology Attracts Infectious Microbes > Destroys On Contact > Maintains A Cleaner Environment

About XSTREAM Infection Control™ 2000®

Next Generation Technology was developed to dramatically improve the Standard of Care in health care facilities by continuously reducing deadly viruses & microbes and the risk of infections. Our system does not use any chemicals, UVX or coatings, poses no danger to human health and compliments existing cleaning protocols.


The effectiveness of the free-standing XSTREAM 2000® Disinfection Control system is based on particle physics with a continuous generation of cluster ions with positive and negative charges.

  • XSTREAM 2000® enables the facility to be proactive rather than reactive in the safety of its patients/residents and employees.
  • XSTREAM 2000® does not produce or leave any toxic chemical elements in the environment.
  • XSTREAM 2000® operates 24/7/365 to deliver constant bacteria elimination.
  • Requires no maintenance. Reactor core is replaced every 2 years. 8,000 sq ft per unit capacity.
  • Units are available in both stand alone and portable options.
  • Cost of equipment is as little as $8/day under a 5 year lease term.
disinfecting system works 24/7
XSTREAM 2000® is the most powerful, deployable, and cost-effective technology available to confront the crisis of healthcare associated infections.

XSTREAM Is A Mandatory Ingredient to Your Disinfection Control Plan

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Some Facts About XSTREAM 2000®

Did you know the air Outside is Safer then Inside Air?

Natural air (known as TIDAL AIR) provides both positive & negative (+/-) ions in equal amounts at sea level providing natural pathogen elimination. Inside air has drastically reduced amounts of these ions providing a feeding ground for pathogens to live in as the balance of ions needed to kill pathogens is substantially reduced. Surface cleaning lacks the effect needed to keep ahead of harmful pathogens that continues to thrive in this “dead air”.

What is the solution. . . .recreate the valuable ions that exist in the natural outside environment. XSTREAM Infection Control’s innovative process recreates these positive and negative ions safely and deploys them where needed most – restoring ions to the dead air in enclosed areas.

“We have known for years that existing ion technology eliminates harmful pathogen and viruses but lacks an effective delivery system that fully addresses the needs of the health care industry,” said James L. Beauchamp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of XSTREAM Infection Control. “Now we have the technology to do so.”

XSTREAM 2000® units inject a continuous stream of balanced ions into the air that immediately go to work killing existing pathogens, then continues to safeguard the protected area against the introduction of new pathogens twenty-four hours a day 7 days a week. XSTREAM 2000® Technology raises the Standard of Care by providing an environment that naturally kills pathogens stopping infections before they can start.

Our XSTREAM 2000®

Leading the way in raising the standard of care...

Xstream system works 24/7

How the XSTREAM 2000®

Works to keep your facility free from harmful bacteria & pathogens