High Tech Disinfection System Kills COVID19 Pathogens 24/7/365 Air, Surfaces, & Fabrics

XSTREAM 2000® Advantage

XSTREAM 2000® Technology Attracts Infectious Microbes > Destroys On Contact > Maintains A Cleaner Environment

The XSTREAM 2000® Advantage

XSTREAM 2000® is the most powerful, deployable, and cost-effective disinfecting technology available to confront the crisis of health care associated infections.

  • No one else has this technology
  • XSTREAM 2000's continuous disinfecting system destroys bacteria and virus throughout any environment (on all fabrics, surfaces and in the air) 24/7/365.
  • The XSTREAM Infection Control management team has 300 years of experience in hospitals, engineering and medical science.
  • No disruption of regular patient care or key facilities in the hospital including the Operating Room and Intensive Care Units unlike UVX and Gas.
  • No additional toxic cleaning solutions
  • No Ozone
  • No H2O2 Gas, UVX Light, or VOCs
  • No copper coating of surfaces
  • No change of current cleaning protocols
  • Significantly impacts facility infection control costs

XSTREAM leading the way in raising the standard in healthcare.
kills viruses 24/7 for disinfecting system

Proactive Technology - More Potent and Faster Microbial Control Without Potentially Harmful Oxidizers

Stabilization - With Continuous Operation XSTREAM 2000 Destroys Existing Viruses & Pathogens and VOC's in Your Operating Rooms, ICU's, Emergency Rooms and Critical Care Areas and on clothing as well. And Then Continues To Protect those Areas Against the Introduction of New Pathogens & Viruses Including dormant C-diff.

Prevention - Combats the Introduction of Pathogens & Viruses into Your Patient Areas Which Eliminates Cross-Contamination

Proven Technology:

The effectiveness of the free-standing XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control system is based on particle physics with a continuous generation of cluster ions with positive and negative charges. The clusters are created by Tidal Air movement through a reactor core. The ions then neutralize the energy source of the disease-producing microbes and destroy them on contact throughout any environment.

"High Tech Disinfecting System
Leads the Way
In Raising the Standard of Care
For All Types of Healthcare Facilities"

Our XSTREAM 2000®

Leading the way in raising the standard of care...

disinfecting system works 24/7

How the XSTREAM 2000®

Works to keep your facility free from harmful bacteria & pathogens