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XSTREAM Infection Control Announces

Total Bateria and Virus Control System
for Long-Term Care Facilities, Hospitals and Child Day Care Centers

Oakton, Virginia, August 31, 2017 - XSTREAM® Infection Control LLC today announced TOTAL BACTERIA AND VIRUS CONTROL through a revolutionary and exclusive process for Long-Term Care Facilities and Hospitals.

It is estimated that 750,000 people die each year from infections, according to industry statistics, in health care facilities making it the leading cause of death in America.

XSTREAM Infection Control, LLC, the leader in Cluster Ion Technology, has had the system tested for the last 5 years, first in Texas under Dr. Benjamin Tanner at the Antimicrobial Labs and for the last 3 years at the University of Arizona under the direction of Dr. Kelly Reynolds, PhD. The XSTREAM 2000 system operates 24/7/365 and has been shown to kill pathogens on ALL surfaces, as well as in the air and on fabric with a 99% plus rate.

The long awaited system has initial installations in three hospitals located in Arizona, Virginia and New Jersey. Additionally, systems have been placed in two long-term care facilities in Knoxville Tennessee, an urgent care facility in Virginia, an individual doctor’s office and a private home.

Child care facilities have requested validation in their environment to combat the spread of germs among students and to their parents.

The XSTREAM 2000® system negates the use of UVX, H202 Gas and other chemicals. XSTREAM employs a proprietary system known as Cluster Ionization (CI) to convert H2O through its reactor core. These special and long life cluster ions destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses upon contact through their cellular walls.

The cluster ions flow into a designated space (approximately 8,000 square feet using the XSTREAM 2000-10 machine) on a continuous basis. A configured system of units will cover every square inch of a facility and destroy the infection causing pathogens.

Infection control specialists, after viewing the standardized electron microscope (sem) pictures, have been awestruck. This is the first time in the last 35 years that actual photographs have been taken of the destroyed pathogens. This will change our entire approach to infection control around the world - said one infection prevention specialist in New Jersey.

Under a lease agreement using the XSTREAM 2000/10 - 8000 square feet can be covered for as little as $7 per day. This expense is 25 to 100 times more economical than existing technologies.

These systems require maintenance once every two years and are manufactured in the USA with USA parts. The system is simple to install and require no labor costs while operating.


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