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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 14, 2019.
London, England and Chantilly, Virginia

XSTREAM® Infection Control LLC, Announces the Opening of their Research & Development Laboratory

London, England and Chantilly, Virginia, February 14, 2019 - XSTREAM® Infection Control announces the opening of their Research and Development Laboratory in Chantilly Virginia under the direction of Dr. Frederick Mako, PhD., to extend the capabilities of its revolutionary infection control systems.

The XSTREAM 2000® system supersedes the current use of UVX light, H202 gas, or disinfectant chemicals to reduce infectious threats. XSTREAM employs a refined proprietary Cluster Ionization (CI) system to convert H2O into an energy-charged molecular adversary to microscopic cell enemies. Its constant flow of charged cluster ions destroy the DNA of bacteria and viruses upon contact with their cellular walls, while not harming the much larger living cells that they would infect.

World-wide, routine infections plaque health care spaces. More threatening are new “super bugs” immune to medical therapies. Current disinfectant approaches fail to stop transmission. But XSTREAM can kill these threatening materials before their assimilation into humans can occur.

James E. Masterson, President and CEO of XSTREAM, and Jonathan E. Weaver, XSTREAM’s UK Director, advocate this revolutionary solution to these growing threats. To extend the applications and efficiency of the currently-available XSTREAM system, the new research facility will focus upon further improvements and implementations:

  1. Multiple size XSTREAM units to serve internal environment spaces as small as individual patient rooms. “XSTREAM already obliterates most pathogens that infect or kill people after contact,” said Mr. Weaver. “With a wider range of units serving differently sized areas, we can customize a system for various health care spaces without over-sized deployments.”

  2. Refinements and advancements in the particle physics cluster ion production process in conjunction with Sandia Labs in Albuquerque New Mexico.

  3. Continued intensive testing of the XSTREAM process under the supervision of Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., at the University of Arizona, including research on its effects against specific pathogens.

XSTREAM has shipped the first two of its latest units to its London Office for demonstration and deployment at the National Health Center in the UK. Europe’s infection control crisis parallels that of America. Research in the US will benefit the UK deployments too.

The new research facility will be under the direction of Dr. Fredrick Mako. He offers forty years of supervisory and technical experience with particle beams, high-current accelerators, microwave generation, pulsed power technology, diagnostics for charged particle beams, and other cutting-edge technologies adaptable for health care uses. Dr. Mako holds patents and trademarks on over twenty inventions and proprietary technologies.

The upgraded XSTREAM system will installed into three hospitals located in Arizona, Virginia, and New Jersey. Additionally, systems will soon exist in two long-term care facilities in Knoxville Tennessee, an urgent care facility in Virginia, an individual doctor’s office and private homes. Production has begun for the XSTREAM 2000 with expected shipment dates soon thereafter.

The new research and development center in Chantilly, Virginia will expand XSTREAM’s refinement, with field feedback, of its incredible ION technology. Consistent with its declared mission, XSTREAM intends to save lives and heal us, not only in health facilities, but soon in other places where people congregate.


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