Cluster Ion Technology Successful Disinfecting

As published in – October 21, 2014
by By Cantrell, Susan, Proquest LLC

The Power of Cluster Ions

Pure cluster ions are behind the success of XSTREAM 2000 room disinfector. Jim Masterson, CEO, XSTREAM Infection Control, LLC, Fairfax, VA, described how the XSTREAM 2000 works to disinfect patient rooms, operating rooms and more. "XSTREAM 2000 is the most powerful, deployable and cost-effective technology available to confront the crisis of HAIs. It fights germs on surfaces, fomites and in the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without disrupting the daily functions in a healthcare facility. The XSTREAM 2000 fourth generation continuously delivers a germicidal mix of pure cluster ions that actively seek out pathogens via electromagnetic charge. Upon contact, the stored energy of these cluster ions are unleashed through the pores of the bacterial cell wall, thereby destroying it from the inside out."

"XSTREAM 2000 was released early this year from its plant in Baltimore, MD. It is currently being evaluated at top-tier hospitals in Tucson, AZ, and Camden, NJ. Other regional hospitals, long-term care facilities, and dialysis centers will be added in the fourth quarter. The UK National Health Service also is scheduled to evaluate the technology in early 2015."

"Studies by major cleaning companies have stated that an operating room, patient room, or ICU is only 50 percent pathogen-free," noted Masterson. "Dr. Asnish Jha, Harvard School of Public Health professor, testified before a Senate Subcommittee on healthcare issues. When asked if patients are safer now than 15 years ago, he replied, 'the unfortunate answer is no. We have not moved the needle in any demonstrable way overall. No one is getting it right consistently.' Our mission," said Masterson, "is to help the industry increase their standard of care."

Masterson has a very personal interest in eradicating HAIs. "[I] almost died of an HAI after minor surgery." Explaining that he spent an 18 additional days in the hospital and 3 months of home care for recovery, Masterson counted the cost: "The hospital paid approximately $145,000 for the care and stay due to the infection. This is when we decided to develop the next generation. For a cost of $12 per day to destroy bacteria, especially C difficile, XSTREAM 2000 can really save lives.

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Delivers InfectionControl
Strategies Needed For:
  • Nursing Homes
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Hospital Industry
  • Medical Facilities
  • Dialysis Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Educational Facilities
XSTREAM 2000® Technology

Key Points

Proactive Technology - More Potent and Faster Microbial Control Without Potentially Harmful Oxidizers

Stabilization - With Continuous Operation XSTREAM 2000 Destroys Existing Viruses & Pathogens and VOC's in Your Operating Rooms, ICU's, Emergency Rooms and Critical Care Areas and on clothing as well. And Then Continues To Protect those Areas Against the Introduction of New Pathogens & Viruses Including dormant C-diff.

Prevention - Combats the Introduction of Pathogens & Viruses into Your Patient Areas Which Eliminates Cross-Contamination.

- Safe for Patients and all Environments
- Rapid Return On Investment
- Enhances Existing Sanitization Program
- NO Ozone
- NO Aqueous H2O2 Treatments or Corroding Oxidizers
- NO Coating of Surfaces
- NO Change of Current Cleaning Protocols
- Stand-alone Units Treat Occupied Spaces Safely