Board of Directors & Scientist

Meet the Team

Meet Our TEAM

Our team is made of businessmen, scientists, physicians

Corporate Scientist

Dr. Alfred Brenner, Corporate Scientist/Bioengineer


Robert F. Ahmed, MD
Anne Altman, Consultant, IBM Retired
George Blake, Retired Gannett Company
Susan Blevins, PhD – AeroBiology Laboratories
Thomas Burdette, CPA - Burdette, Smith & Bish LLC
Yuan (Alvin) Chen, PhD CTO, Aperiomics Corporation
Jonathon S. Cluster, PhD, Sandia Lab
Raymond Console, Esq. The Knowles Foundation
Stacy L. Daniels, PhD
James Davis, ECRI
Scott Dillman, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Retired
Frank Dinucci – Sr. Healthcare & Finance Exec.
Mike Farasey, Retired - Health Care
Dr. Henry Fraimow, Cooper University Hospital
Karen Green, Millipore Executive
Gregory G. Haight, Esq.
Kathy Healy, Healthcare Consultant
Anthony K. Hedley, MD
Neil Hendershot, Esq.
Christina Hunt - PA Patient Safety Authority
Crystal Icenhour, PhD CEO Aperiomics Corporation
William Lee, PhD Alpha Labs
Nola Masterson, CEO Science Futures of America
Betsy McCaughey, Chairman, RID
Ellen Meinhart, VA Export Commission

Allen Morrison, MD Infection Control
John Murray, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
Spike Narayan, IBM R&D
James L. Oakes, Jr. Principal Healthcare Consultant
Bill Poulos, EDS Fellow Executive
Kelly Pyrek, Editor, Infection Control Today
Peter Roth, Retired USN
Damoso Savedra, Esq.
Larry Tuerson, CEO
Michelle Shields, PhD Microbiology
Cynthia B. Smith, PhD
George Smith, MD
Robert Sterne, Esq. Sterne Kessler Law Firm
Dr. Benjamin Tanner, PhD MicroChem Laboratories
Stephen E. Weinroth, MD Infection Control
Jeffrey M. Wells, MD

XSTREAM Europe/United Kingdom
Jonathan Weaver Director - European Operation