• COVID leading cause of Business Failure
    XSTREAM 2000®
                         Leading the way
  • kills bacteria " viruses 24/7/365
    XSTREAM 2000®
                  For All Facilities
    System has the most complete monitoring system, working 24/7/365 to keep facilites safe.
    From Pandemics
    From the Flu
    And From Pathogens
  • Xstream is resolving COVID19 viruses
    Leading the Way to Resolving
    Pandemics, Flu, & Pathogens
    Xstream 2000® kills
    Pandemics Viruses & Bacteria on ALL surfaces; in the air and on fabrics, 24/7/365
    Revolutionary Cluster Ion Technology For Total Facility Environmental Protection Control

Solving the COVID19 Virus 24/7 with Cluster Ions

XSTREAM Infection Control LLC began shipping its infection control units to Africa as of July 31, 2022. We are pleased to provide the St. Francis of Assisi Health Clinic and staff in Kitakyusa, Uganda these products. This turns a medical desert into a lifesaving oasis for the population.

The XSTREAM systems are the most powerful available for bacteria and virus control in the world.

“The willingness to protect their population in Uganda is a great start for the continent” said Jim Masterson, Founder and CEO of XSTREAM.

XSTREAM 2000® is the most powerful, deployable, and cost-effective technology available to confront the crisis of the COVID19 virus with Cluster Ions.

XSTREAM 2000® Technology Attracts COVID19 Microbes > Destroys On Contact > Maintains A Cleaner Environment 24/7/365

Effective Infection Control System
for COVID19 Viruses 24/7/365

The effectiveness of the free-standing XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control system is based on the continuous generation of cluster ions with positive and negative charges. The clusters are created by Tidal Air movement through proprietary cells exposed to ultraviolet light. These ions then attach to disease-producing microbes and destroy them on contact throughout all enclosed environments.

Solving the COVID19 Virus 24/7 with Cluster Ions
so that businesses can get back to work safely!
Providing infection prevention system 365.

Xstream kills viruses 24/7 for restaurants
Restaurants & Grocery

Closing, distancing 6ft apart, masking is this solving the problem?

Big Box Stores & Theaters can be open with Xstream2000 controling viruses
Big Box Stores & Movie Theaters

Using distancing, count customers to keep fewer in the store, have less checkouts. Movie theaters remain closed.

Shopping Centers & Malls can be open with NO MASK requirements using Xstream 2000
Office Buildings

Offices are closed for many and people are trying to work from home.

shopping centers
Shopping Centers & Malls

Since mid February 2020 most malls are still closed, some shops are opening with many challenges.

Businesses are facing a deeply unsettling situations. Entrepreneurs are facing overwhelming obstacles, not the least of which is ensuring the businesses they have poured their life into continues to stay afloat. On top of that, many of them have employees they are trying to protect and reassure—a monumental task when many of them are struggling with burnout.

Disparate Solutions are being employed to battle
the COVID19 VIRUS problem for businesses

Most current methods being used to maintain safety is either a band aid or are, at best, temporary in nature. Socially distancing cuts down on capacity, temperature taking can be intrusive, and face masks are inefficient for customers and not really effective. Together, these suggested cleaning & health improvements haven’t managed to bring customers back to feeling safe from the spread of COVID19 virus. These methods are not addressing a serious issue. What are you doing to secure a safe environment for the long term?

7 Keys to a Biosafe Environment from Virus and Bacteria

Get All the Information Now!

Xstream Infection Control - XSTREAM 2000® System


XSTREAM 2000® has completed testing in multiple facilities XSTREAM 2000® is a 5th generation cluster ion system that operates 24/7/365 for continuous killing of viruses and bacteria.

Now’s the time to shift focus to efforts that support a return to work, while addressing needed changes in the months ahead.
Killing COVID19 virus 24/7 offices, food services, shopping

XSTREAM 2000® is the Solution

The Problem Businesses Are Facing

  • 43% of businesses report their biggest challenge is supply chain disruption and the inability to secure raw materials and transport.
  • One third of businesses are experiencing a surplus of labor, while another third is experiencing labor shortages, particularly in essential services such as agriculture and food processing industries
  • 31% of small and medium-sized businesses have shut down in the last 3 months.
  • 52% of personal businesses report shutting down - hotels, cafes, and restaurants. 43% of services that include; wellness, grooming, fitness, or other professional services.
  • Majority of small business owners cited closing due to complying with orders by governments or health authorities, while a smaller share claimed it was due to financial challenges (9%) or a lack of client demand (7%)
  • 34% of small business said they would not be able to reopen because they can’t pay their bills or their rent.
  • 44% of hotels, 54% of restaurants, and cafes (the hospitality sector) are finding it financially difficult to reopen or stay open.
Disinfecting Restaurant Environments of pathogens & viruses 24/7

Today’s Responses Are Well-Intended

  • Everything being used is reactive, short-term ineffective ideas against moving targets
  • They aren’t for the long-term. They are coping mechanisms.
  • Customers are not returning to shopping or eating out. Instead, they’ve developed a wait and see approach.
  • People who are venturing out will soon tire of the constant reminder they may be risking their lives.
  • Despite their best efforts and their compliance with government regulations, small business and restaurants are once again closing down in many areas of the country.

XSTREAM 2000® mission is to continuously eradicate harmful viruses, bacteria & all known pathogens in enclosed spaces. We have successfully worked with and tested in healthcare facilities, child care facilities, and many other confined environments to reduce the incidences of deadly infections from viruses and bacteria.

Disinfecting Business Enviornments 24/7 with Xstream 2000

Product Evaluation XSTREAM 2000®

  • Kills Viruses & Bacteria on All Surfaces, In the Air, and on Fabrics 24/7/365
  • Made In America - Custom engineered systems tailored to Your Environment
  • Low Capital Investment/Leasing Program & Purchase Program
  • Low Maintenance & No Consumables with constant testing
  • National Sales & Engineering Team
  • The XSTREAM solution is 25 to 100 times more cost-effective than current antimicrobial devices
  • The effectiveness of the free-standing XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control system is based on the continuous generation of cluster ions with positive and negative charges. The clusters are created by Tidal Air movement through proprietary cells exposed to ultraviolet light. The ions then attach to disease-producing microbes and destroy them on contact throughout the enclosed environment.

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    Daycare and Long-term care facilities need disinfection systems 24/7

    Product FAQs

    Q What are the advantages of using the Xstream 2000?

    A: XSTREAM 2000 destroys virus and bacteria throughout any enclosed environment (on all surfaces, air, and fabrics) 24/7/365

    Q: How much power does it take to run the X2000?

    A: The X2000 uses about as much power as a 100 watt light bulb

    Q: What is the life expectancy of the X2000?

    A: The X2000 has a 5 year warranty and is expected to run for 10 years or more.

    Q: Does the product require any maintenance?

    A: The X2000 requires that the Reactor Core be replaced every 2 years at a cost of $1000.00.

    Q: What is my cost per day to use the X2000?

    A: The leasing of the X2000 costs per day is typically between $8.00 and $9.00.

    Q: What is delivery timing?

    A: X2000 units are made to order with anticipated lead time being 60 days

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    Meet Our TEAM

    Our team is made of businessmen, scientists, physicians

    XSTREAM Is A Mandatory Ingredient For Killing COVID19 Viruses In Your Business.