Improving Standard of Care

  New regulations are requiring facilities
  to provide environments with radically   reduced dangerous microbes - or Pay a   Steep Penalty.

  SOLUTION: XSTREAM 2000™ - 24/7 army of
  infectious microbe killers fighting the spread
  of harmful pathogens in your facility.

XSTREAM™ 2000 Technology Attracts Infectious Microbes > Destroys On Contact > Maintains A Cleaner Environment

With continous operation XSTREAM™ 2000 destroys existing virus and pathogens in your operating rooms, ICU’s, emergency rooms and critical care areas and on clothing and then continues to protect these areas against the introduction of new infectious microbes.

XSTREAM™ 2000 is HAI’s greatest threat! Our next generation technology reduces infectious pathogens 24/7 protecting your most important people - your patients.

Grant Program

XSTREAM™ is pleased to announce that our grant program is now underway. With this program approved innovative hospitals will be given the opportunity for a 3 month on-site evaluation of XSTREAM 2000 units. Limited availability at no cost or obligation.

For questions regarding this program or for information on how to apply please call our headquarters at: 877-764-0003.

XSTREAM™ Infection Control kills C-diff and other deadly pathogens that bleach can't reach.

Next Generation Cluster Ion Technology

XSTREAM™ Infection Control's Next Generation Technology was developed to dramatically improve the Standard of Care in health care facilities by continously reducing deadly microbes and the risk of infections. Our system does not use any chemicals, UVX or coatings, poses no danger to human health and compliments existing cleaning protocols.

Key Points

  • Previous generations have proven successful in hospitals and other complex environments
  • XSTREAM™ 2000 Technology increases the microbial killing power over previous generations by a factor of x10 to x50*
  • XSTREAM™ 2000 Technology located at the site kills infectious micro-organisms continuously including dormant C-diff.
  • Our XSTREAM™ 2000 Technology test results from simulated hospital and long-term care environments show 75% of C-diff
    destroyed in 48 hours and 99.71% of bacteria in 16 hours.
  • Equipment is designed to run 24/7 for total and ongoing elimination of pathogens and viruses within the facility and on clothing
  • XSTREAM™ 2000 units are available in free standing or wall mounted units

(*The exact improvement level in this range depends upon air temperature, humidity, contamination levels and other factors within a given site.)

The XSTREAM™ 2000 System has not been reviewed by the FDA, EPA or any other governmental agency. Our products are not medical devices and are not
intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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